Diana Ruffle Neck Warmer

If you have ever knit the Potato Chip Scarf then you will notice straight away that the Diana Ruffle Neck Warmer uses the same principle. Knit in Dk but for a chunkier look you could try aran or chunky using a bigger needle. Diana Ruffle Neck Warmer By Ceecee’s Crafts Yarn Artists Requirements 2x 100 grms Dk yarn ( 590 metres) 5.5mm needles 3 stitch markers Abbreviations Pm – place marker Kfb – knit into the front and back of the stitch to increase Pattern The frill With 5.5 mm needles cast on 20 stitches and knit one row into the back of each stitch *Row 1 & 2 – k8 turn – k8 Row 3& 4 – k6,turn k6 Row 5 & 6 – k4,turn k4 Row 7 – knit across all 20 stitches* Repeat rows 1 – 7 until you have 50

Coleraine, UK

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