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Downton Abbey Gloves

Inspired by the 20's. Great stash busters and a fabulous quick present knit.


3.5mm and 4mm needles

50 gms Ice Magic or any other Dk yarn


K – knit

P - purl

Yo – place the yarn to the front of your work then take it right the way around the right hand needle ending at the front of your work so that you are ready to purl the next stitch.

yfwd – yarn forward. Place yarn to the front of your work then over the needle to knit the next stitch

with 4mm needles cast on 38 sts

Knit 3 rows


Row 1 – knit

Row 2 – purl

Row 3 – K2 (yo P1 P3tog yo k2) repeat to end of row

Row 4 – purl

Repeat pattern 10 more times (11 in full)

Change to 3.5 mm needles

Stocking stitch 4 rows (k one row p one row)

Edging – you have a choice of either using a rib here of k1 P1 or a picot edge

Picot edge

Row 1 K1, (k2tog,yfwd) repeat () until end

Row2,3,4, Knit

Cast off

To make up

Fold over picot hem and sew in place ensuring that it is attatched to the row above the last eyelet row.

Fold glove in half and sew up 6 patterns from the bottom. Leave a gap of 4 patterns and then sew the rest of the seam up.


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