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Square Number 14

A slightly different design using just knit and purl stitches. I quite enjoyed doing this one.Those knitting with Aran please note that you need to change to 4.5mm needles to achieve the right tension. Double Knitting continue on 4mm needles

CAST ON 23 sts for both weights of yarn

Row 1 *p3,k1* repeat *-*until last 3sts,p3

Row 2 *k3,p1* repeat*-* until last 3sts,k3

Row 3 *p1,k1,p2* repeat*-* until last 3 sts, p1,k1,p1

Row 4 k1,p1,*k3,p1* repeat *-* until last stitch,k1.

Continue working rows 1 - 4 until your work measures 4" cast off

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