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Block 11

Updated: Oct 26, 2020


sl1 - slip the next stitch (do not knit)

psso - pass the slip stitch over

yrn - take your yarn around your needle and back ready to purl the next st (you have made a loop on your needle)

Using black yarn pick up 22sts along the short side of block 6

Picking up L-R - knit 4 rows

Picking up R-L - knit 5 rows

Break off yarn and change to colour

Row 1 - p2,* sl1,k2,psso,p2* repeat*- * until end of row

Row 2 - k2,*p1,yrn,p1,k2* repeat *-* until end of row

Row 3 - p2,*k3,p2* repeat *-* until end of row

Row 4 - k2,*p3,k2,* repeat *-* until end of the row

work rows 1 - 4 until your work measures the full length of the side of block 3. Cast off and sew to edge of row 3. Knit 4 rows black to match the black on block 3 cast off

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