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Twin Leaf Headband

A super little introduction to lace knitting. A great stash buster and present.


5mm straight needles

50gms/ 110 mtrs Aran weight yarn


yo – yarn over Place yarn to the front of your work then over the needle to knit the next stitch or right the way around the needle when purling.

Sl 1 - slip the first stitch (do not knit into it)

K3tog – knit 3 together

K2tog – knit 2 together

SK2po – slip next stitch on to right hand needle knit 2tog then pass slip stitch over


With 5mm needles cast on 23 stitches and knit one row

Lace pattern

Row 1 – k2, p1 - *k4, k3tog, yo,k1,yo, p1,yo,k1,yo,sk2po,k4,p1 * k2

Row 2 – k2 * K1,p8 repeat* K3 – and every following wrong side row

Row 3 – k2,p1- *k2,k3tog,(k1,yo) twice, k1,p1,k1(yo,k1) twice,sk2po, k2,p1* k2

Row 5 – k2, p1- *k3tog,k2,yo,k1,yo,k2,p1,k2,yo,k1,yo,k2,sk2po,p1 * k2

Row 6 – as row 2

Repeat row 1 – 6 – 15 times (16 patterns) cast off. Join cast on and cast off ends

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