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So Simple Shawl

People often say to me "I couldn't possible knit a shawl". With my So Simple Shawl you will discover that you can. Go for it - I used double knitting with the one in the photo but you can use any yarn you like. Just remember to use the needles stated on the ball band and allow enough yarn.


4mm needles

4mm circular needle ( knitting straight)

3x100gms AntiPilling Ice Yarn or 750 metres of Dk weight


yfwd – Place yarn to the front of your work then over the needle to knit the next stitch

sl1k2tog psso – slip the next stitch onto the right needle knit 2 together then pass the slip stitch over the knit two together

k - knit


First side of the triangle

Cast on 3 stitches and knit one row

Row 1 – k2,yfwd,k1

Row 2 – knit all stitches

Row 3 – k2, yfwd, k2

Row 4 – knit

Row 5 – K2, yfwd, knit to end of row

Row 6 – Knit

Repeat rows 5 & 6 until you have 130 stitches (or less if you require a shorter shawl. Always ensure that you finish you work with an even number of stitches)

Knit 2 rows


Second side of the triangle

With right side facing

Row 1 – k2, yfwd, sl1k2tog psso, knit to the end of the row

Row 2 – knit

Repeat rows 1 & 2 until you have 4 stitches

Next row k2, knit two together

Cast off

Ceecees’s Crafts.20/4/2016

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