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Square number 9

Sorry I am feeling very under the weather at the moment so I have reused one of the skills you tried in a previous square. You will find the square is a little stretchy but again it will fit perfectly next to a firm square.Tw2 – knit into the front of 2nd stitch on left hand needle, then knit into the front of the 1st stitch on the left hand needle and slip both stitches off the needle together. This gives you a cable pattern without using a cable needle.


Aran weight 5mm needles 22 stitches

Double knitting 4mm needles 25 stitches

Row 1 *p1,Tw2* repeat from *-* until last stitch, p1

Row 2-* k1,p2* repeat from *-* until last stitch, k1

Work rows 1 - 2 until your work measures 4" cast off

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