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Burr it was a cold morning/day here at the farm today. Hubby and I are baby sitting my Sister in Law's Alpacas while they are enjoying themselves in Tenerife. We have 2 very old cats to pamper as well. So far so good but neither of them ventured out today. I've been doing a bit of Christmas knitting for my guys and girls. I was knitting my Iona Hat in black for one of my DIL (she's the model on the pattern) when a large grey cat landed on my lap and I dropped a stitch. Joy of joys - dark grey afternoons and black aran yarn don't go to well together! I'll pick it up again tomorrow or Sunday when I can see what I am doing. I think maybe I'll work on a new Aran scarf idea in cream tonight. - football on again I believe so I might just listen to an audio book, sit by the log burner and knit.

Have a good weekend - I hit 65 tomorrow so my gang are coming to visit :)

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