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New Blanket Strip One

Well here we are the start of another project. This lovely pattern is called Blubell Rib. I am using DK and 4mm needles for mine but you can use what ever you have in stock. Strips will be every Sunday to give you time to work at them.


Yfwd - bring your yarn forward between the needles then over the top of the right needle to create a stitch

YRN - as for yfwd but take your yarn right around your needle so that it is in possition to purl the next stitch

sk2po - slip the next stitch from your left needle to right needle without knitting knit the next two stitches together then pass the slip stitch over the stitch that has been left after the k2tog


Cast on 36 stitches and knit 4 rows (you only do this once)

Row 1 - k2,p2,*k3,p2* repeat *-* to the last 2 stitches k2

Row 2 - k4,*p3,k2* to the last 2 stitches k2

Row 3 - as row 1

Row 4 - as row 2

Row 5 - k2,p2,*yfwd,sk2po,yrn,p2* repeat *-* until the last 2 stitches k2

Row 6 - as row 2

repeat rows 1 - 6 until required length. I am going to knit 40inch

To finish knit 3 rows and cast off

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