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square number 29

Hi folks as most of you know I am not 100% at the moment this is probably the last square for a week or so. you need to know the abbreviation sl1pwyf - which is slip the next stitch purlwise with yarn at the front of your work.

CAST ON - Aran weight - 5mm needles 21 sts

Double knitting 4mm - 25 sts

Row 1 - k1 *p1,k1* repeat *-* until end of row

Row 2 - k1,p1, *sl1pwyf ,p1* repeat *-* until last stitch k1

Row 3 - k1,*k1,p1* repeat *-* until last 2 sts, k2

Row 4 - k1, sl1pwyf *p1,sl1pwyf* repeat *-* until last stitch k2

repeat row 1 - 4 until work measures 4" cast off

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