• Christine

Stained Glass Block 6

This is a lovely block called Double Parallelogram Stitch. Anyone wanting to use it for a blanket it is knit in multiples of 10.


Using black cast on 20 stitches then pick up 20sts along the left side of block 5 (work from R - L for this) - total 40 sts

Knit 3 rows of black

Change yarn

Row1 - *p5,k5* repeat *-* until end of the row

Row 2 - k1, *p5,k5,* repeat *-* until last 9sts, p5,k4

Row 3 - p3, *k5,p5,* repeat *-* until last 7sts, k5,p2

Row 4 - k3,*p5,k5* repeat *-* until last 7sts, p5,k2

Row 5 - p1, *k5,p5* repeat *-* until last 9sts, k5,p4

Row 6 - p4, *k5,p5,* repeat *-* until last 6sts,k5,p1

Row 7 - k2, *p5,k5* repeat *-* until last 8sts, p5,k3

Row 8 - p2, *k5,p5* repeat*-* until last 8sts, k5,p3

Row 9 - k4, *p5,k5* repeat *-* until last 6sts, p5,k1

Row 10 - *k5,p5* until the end of the row

Work rows 1 - 10 - 3 times in all

Change to Black and knit 4 rows

Cast off.

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