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Stained Glass Window KAL 1

Good morning from a misty Northern Ireland. This is the central block of our new KAL. I am going to use Aran Weight for mine but you can use what ever you like. You will however need about 200gms of black yarn. I am going to use the picking up stitches method for this KAL so there will be very little sewing. If you don't want to do yours that way I will put the number of stitches you need to cast on in brackets on every block post.

Centre square

Using black yarn cast on 30sts and knit 4 rows

Change to your chosen colour and knit 28 rows

Change back to black and knit 3 rows

Cast of 29sts leaving the final stitch on your needle.( if you are not picking up stitches cast off all stitches)

Turn your work so you are working along the right hand side of the block.

Using the loops between the ridges pick up 2sts on the black rows ,14sts along the main colour and finally 3 sts on the black. Make sure you pick up the last stitch right at the corner.(20sts in all)

knit 4 rows - leave stitches on needle ready for the next section.


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