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My Fabulous Knitting Fairy Amanda

This is a Blog about a very special person Amanda whose user name on Ravelry is Mandaswoolenbits. I met Amanda on a Facebook page a few years ago and we have become firm friends. During my arm break Amanda helped me to complete orders and designed the lovely Ceecee's Sheepie Beanie using my logo. I asked her if I could steal what she had written on Ravelry to introduce her to you all.  

  This is my gang all wearing a Ceecee's Sheepie Beanie                                                                            

Hi I am Manda from Mandaswoolenbits. I started crochet and later knitting to keep my sanity and help give me something to do it’s a great hobby that helps me relax. It also helps me be calm for my daughter who has some challenging behaviour.

I started writing down my designs when people ask me if there were patterns. I want to make my pattern ones that fit. Ones when a little change can make it your own. I also want them to be for everyone. Being dyslexic makes it a harder process but it just means I need amazing testers, which I have started to find.

Amanda's patterns can be found at.


I'm quite excited as over the next month or so I will be testing a lovely hoodie pattern that Amanda has designed.

Amanda's daughter Jessie makes some fabulous shawl pins, stitch markers and brooches. The shawl pin on my recent Free pattern was made by Jessie. You can find lots of her makes on her Facebook Page

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Jan 08

I have ordered various knitting packs etc from Christine is Brilliant helpful lady. I'm a beginner and made a mistake on knitting her children's hoodie knitting pattern. She pointed me in the right direction. Thank you Christine you are an amazing patient teacher.

When my Daughter was pregnant I asked Amanda to design an Expectant Elephant Family.

She designed an Elephant Family for my grandson to explain about the baby in his Mummy's tummy. She crocheted a Daddy Elephant, a toddler Elephant and a pregnant Mummy Elephant with a removable baby elephant in her tummy. It was a beautiful Elephant family. My grandson now shows his little sister how she was born. The baby Elephant is re-born again…

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