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A big Welcome to everyone who has joined my Blog in the last few days - I really appreciate it. I've had to make a few changes to my business after a few rough moments last year. In April I spent a lot of time and money preparing for a very large order that came in from a stockist. Things were going well until he turned round and tried to increase his profit margin. After lots of unsuccessful negotiations I decided to pull the order and take the hit. This was fine and I had hoped to sell the stock at the markets ummmm this was not to be as my silly body decided to have a stroke. Still onwards and upwards with a new version of Ceecee's for 2024 which will concentrate on Digital Designs, brooches, buttons, yarn, vintage patterns and what ever takes my fancy. I have a lot of yarn in stock so I'll be adding that to my page late February.

If you haven't noticed there is a Buy One Get One Free on my Digital Patterns. Simply use the code Free at the checkout.

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